How to Recover Deleted Photos from GoPro? A Tool Guide for Us

Summary: In this guide, we’ll show you two effective methods on how to recover deleted photos from GoPro. Whether you accidentally deleted precious files or encountered data loss due to other reasons, you’ll learn how to use professional file recovery software. Moreover, you will understand why recovery of these photos is important.

Have you ever accidentally deleted those amazing photos and videos you took with your GoPro? Do you fear you might do it again and waste the time you spent on clicking those images?

We’ve all been there, and it can be a heart-sinking moment. But fret not! In this guide, we’ll help you to recover lost photos from GoPro, whether you accidentally deleted them or faced unexpected data loss situations.

There are a lot of cases where we take pictures and video from our GoPro and immediately want to transfer them. And that is when we realize that the pictures or videos are gone. There is nothing in the card and all our efforts have gone in vain.

Don’t feel bad, we are going to help you regain those images as good as new. Let’s first learn about the importance of recovering the files.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from GoPro? Some Things You Should Know

GoPro has gained immense popularity among photography enthusiasts and video creators. It’s the go-to choice for capturing unforgettable moments. However, just like any other camera, GoPro isn’t immune to data loss.

Understanding the Importance of Recovery

There are a few common scenarios that you might find yourself in:

  • Accidentally deleted files before transferring them to your computer or mobile device.
  • Formatted your GoPro’s SD card without creating a backup.
  • Encountered errors during file transfer to your computer, leading to data loss.
  • Ran into issues when converting videos to different formats.
  • You may want to recover lost photos from GoPro if you have Suffered data loss due to physical damage to the GoPro’s SD card.

The good news is that there’s still hope for recovering your precious photos and videos. We’ll walk you through two methods: using file recovery software and GoPro Plus cloud backup. This means that we will be using the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and leverage GoPro Plus cloud backup if you’re a member.

If not, well, we still have the tool at our hands ready to rescue the deleted images.

Recover Lost Photos from GoPro with the File Recovery Software

One of the most common scenarios is accidentally deleting files on your GoPro. Thankfully, you can use professional file recovery software to bring your lost data back to life. Our recommended tool for this job is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

It’s a powerful, user-friendly software that can help you recover lost data from SD cards, cameras, PCs, USB drives, and more. Plus, it can even repair corrupted videos and photo files that you have taken from your GoPro.

Let’s dig into the steps.

First Step: How to Recover Deleted Photos from GoPro – Scan the SD Card

  • First, download and install the tool on your Windows PC.
  • Connect your GoPro’s SD card to your computer.
  • Launch the software and choose “SD Card Recovery” on the left panel. Your connected drives will be displayed.
  • Select your GoPro’s SD card and click “Scan.”


Second Step: Check for scan results

  • Wait for the scanning process to complete.
  • Specify the types of files you want to recover, such as pictures or videos.
  • Click “Preview” to see if the found files are the ones you’re looking for.


Third Step: Recover Lost Photos from GoPro Using it SD Card Data

  • Preview the recovered files and click “Recover.”
  • Choose a different location to save the recovered files instead of the original SD card to avoid overwriting.

recover option

These are the easiest steps to recover your data files. Now, if you are a member, you must have access to the GoPro Plus Cloud Backup as well. Let’s use it!

GoPro Plus Cloud Backup for Recovery

If you’re a GoPro Plus member, you have another option to recover deleted files—GoPro Plus cloud backup. GoPro Plus is a subscription service that provides cloud storage for your GoPro media. Here’s how to use it.

Steps on How to Recover Deleted Photos from GoPro

  • Login: Log in to your GoPro Plus account using the credentials associated with your GoPro camera.
  • Access Your Cloud: After logging in, access your cloud storage, where your GoPro media is automatically backed up.
  • Select and Restore: Browse through your backed-up media, select the files you want to recover, and click on the “Restore” or “Download” option, depending on your preference.

Remember that this method requires a GoPro Plus subscription and the active use of cloud backup. If you’re not already a member, you may want to consider signing up to safeguard your media in the future.


Losing your cherished photos and videos from your GoPro can be disheartening, but it’s not the end of the world. With the right tools and methods, you can recover deleted photos from GoPro and relive those memorable moments. Whether you choose to use the tool for data recovery or rely on GoPro Plus cloud backup, make sure to act promptly.

Always remember to back up your data regularly to prevent such situations in the first place. So, the next time you find yourself in a situation where your GoPro files have vanished, don’t panic. You now have the knowledge and tools to recover those lost memories. Happy recovery, and enjoy reliving your unforgettable moments!

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